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RICHLAND & LEXINGTON: 803-788-0639

LUGOFF - ELGIN: 803-438-1052

Maintenance Agreements

HVAC Maintenance Agreements Save You Time and Money

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Even with the mild climate in Columbia, South Carolina, we get uncomfortably hot and cold weather part of the year. That's why it's important to have a fully-functioning heating and cooling system. Whether you're at home or at your place of business, you want to be comfortable inside. Spring Valley Air Conditioning can help.

While your HVAC system is running fine today, it doesn't mean you don't need us. You can actually save time and money by calling us today. When we perform the routine maintenance tasks your system needs to run well, you extend the life of your system.

How to Keep Your System Working Well

Even if you think your HVAC system is working, it may not be working as well as it could. If it's not running at top efficiency, you could be wasting money on your heating and cooling bills. Not only that, but you could have rooms or areas in your home that are not heating or cooling as well as you'd like them to.

The solution to that problem is simple. Schedule preventative maintenance for your system twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Spring Valley offers both residential and commercial maintenance agreements. Our service plans include such services as:

  • Checking High and Low Voltage Electrical Connections
  • Cleaning Coils
  • Purging Drain Lines
  • Replacing Filters
  • Thermostat Inspections
  • Motor Amp Draw Checks

Our residential maintenance agreements start at $195 for single systems. Each extra system is only another $85. We also offer commercial maintenance agreements starting at $240 for single systems. Each additional system costs just $155.

There are two ways you'll save money by having your HVAC system maintained on a regular basis. The first is that your system will be more efficient, which means lower utility bills. The second is that it will be less likely to break down and require expensive repairs or a total replacement. So, don't let your maintenance lapse. Call us at (803) 788-0639 and we'll be happy to set up a cost-effective maintenance plan for you.

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