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3 Effective Tips for Using Your Thermostat

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hand adjusting the temperature on a thermostat

Home thermostats have come a long way in the last decade or so. Today's versions are not only programmable but many offer Wi-Fi connectivity and a host of other options. Here are a few tips for making the most the most out of your thermostat’s features and settings:

1. Set Up Basic Programming

Even the simplest of modern thermostats allow for programming by weekday and weekend. By establishing comfortable temps for when you’re “home” and slightly higher temps for “away,” you can save a nice chunk of money off your energy bill every year.

2. Double Check Your Thermostat Location

Sometimes, the character homes we find in and around Columbia, SC, have really odd thermostat placement. We’ve found them in closets, next to fireplaces…you name it. 

However, in order for your thermostat to do its job properly, it needs to be located in an open, central location within your home. It also needs to be away from cold drafts or secondary heat sources to ensure it can properly gauge your home’s internal temperature.

3. Think About Going Smart with Your Home’s Comfort Controls

With features like heat detection and Wi-Fi connectivity, your thermostat can pretty much do it all for you. At a minimum they allow you to override any existing programming from your phone, tablet or computer. No need to heat and cool the house while you're away on vacation!

Ready for an Upgrade?

Still using the old slider or turn-dial style at home? If your thermostat is in need of replacement, or even just a simple calibration, visit our Spring Valley team online.