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How Does a Furnace Work?

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Don’t let heating and air conditioning woes compromise your home this winter.

Heating and air conditioning is an important element of home safety and comfort. Without proper heating systems in place, your home can become drafty and exposed to hazardous moisture levels. Furnaces perform well in cold weather climates, but have you ever wondered why? They rely on several components to provide quality temperature control that distributes evenly throughout your home.

Furnaces are a sturdy and reliable source of heating in the cold winter months, and if you are considering an investment, here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Gas-Powered Goodness Can Help You Save
  • Like all heating and cooling systems, furnaces rely on the thermostat to trigger action. When room temperature drops below a comfortable number for residents, the furnace gets an electrical signal from the thermostat and delivers natural gas to the burners. The blower turns on, and starts circulating warm air created around the combustion chamber.

  • Electric Furnace Options Offer Effective Heating, Lower Price
  • Electric furnaces function in pretty much the same way, except the heating components are designed with highly resistant metal coils. If you are looking for a lower initial price point, electric furnaces might be the solution for your home. The system is quieter and is still an effective heating solution.

  • Duct Work Matters
  • Ducts are an extremely important component to any heating and cooling system. Furnaces rely on the ducts throughout your home to transport warm air efficiently and safely. When ducts get dirty, they circulate dust and other particles that can trigger allergies and respiratory issues for residents. It’s critical that ducts get as much preventative maintenance as the furnace itself, because if they aren’t properly connected and well insulated you will lose money on poor energy efficiency.

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