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How to Keep Your System Running at Top Efficiency

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HVAC service technician inspecting a residential cooling system

Did you know a quality maintenance agreement is one of the single greatest means of ensuring your HVAC system lives a long, healthy life? It’s true. These agreements offer a variety of benefits designed to keep your system running its best for many years to come.

For the skeptics among you, we’ve broken out a few of the top maintenance agreement benefits you can expect to achieve when you sign on the dotted line:

1. Regular System Checks at Least Twice a Year

Think of these as you'd think about getting an oil change on your car. The technician goes in and ensures everything is properly cleaned, connected, and lubricated for optimum performance. They identify any areas of concern and let you know if and when you might need to start thinking about repairs or replacements.

2. Lower Energy Bills

The greatest upside of having a machine running at peak performance is its efficiency. In the case of your HVAC system, it consumes less energy every month to perform the same task. The result? More money in your pocket, and lower monthly utility bills. Cha-ching!

3. Greater Return on Investment

Let’s face it: these machines aren’t cheap. So if you’ve plunked down a few thousand dollars on a replacement recently, don’t you want it to last as long as possible? Your average cost of ownership goes down every day your machine is still up and running, so it’s a pretty good idea to do everything you can to keep it that way.

High-Quality Maintenance Agreements Designed with Our Customers in Mind

Learn more about the customer-friendly maintenance agreements available here at Spring Valley Air Conditioning.