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My Energy Bill is Enormous! What do I do?

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Taking care of your heating and air conditioning system is a big job. In some cases, you may not notice a problem right away. However, if you fail to notice these problems and call for repairs, there could be costly consequences. For example, you may discover your energy bill is on a steady, upward climb from one month to the next.

What Causes Your Heating and Air Conditioning System to Increase Your Energy Costs?

You likely think of your HVAC system as a rough and durable part of your home. Without the proper care and maintenance; however, you may discover it is also inefficient. If your system is dirty or has faulty or broken parts, it can’t operate efficiently. The more issues present, the harder the system has to work to keep your home comfortable. This is what causes an increase in your energy costs.

What Can You Do About an Inefficient Heating and Air Conditioning System?

The good news is there are some steps you can take to restore the efficiency of your unit. Taking action can also help to reduce your monthly energy costs. Consider these simple ways you can make a difference:

• Schedule a professional HVAC inspection
• Change the filter (try to do this every one to three months depending on the type of filter used)
• Schedule a free duct evaluation

Get Your Heating and Air Conditioning System Back on Track Right Away

No one wants to know their HVAC system needs service. However, if you ignore the problem, it only means it’s going to get worse. If the system is not operating efficiently and your power bill continues to climb, it is time to take action. Call a professional for evaluation and service immediately.

Contact our team of experts at Spring Valley for HVAC system inspection and maintenance to keep the unit running efficiently and reduce energy costs. Visit us online for more information about heating and air conditioning system maintenance or to connect with us today.