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My Home is Always Colder Than My Thermostat Shows, What Should I Do?

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HVAC service technician inspecting a residential thermostat

Four Tips for Troubleshooting Your Thermostat

If your home heating system has you feeling a little frosty this winter, the best place to start your basic troubleshooting is at the thermostat. If your thermostat seems to be showing a temperature higher than what you’re experiencing, you could have a real problem.

Luckily, there are a few system checks you can do to try to fix things on your own before you call a pro:

  1. Does Your Thermostat Have Power? I hate to say it, but we get calls all the time about systems being down, or not functioning properly. When we arrive, we quickly realize one of two things has happened: either the power is completely out, or a breaker has been tripped. Check these two issues first, before you try anything else.
  2. Are the Batteries in Your Thermostat Old? Similar to the power problem, many people don’t realize the batteries in their thermostat are dying. This leads to all sorts of problems: dead display, inaccurate temperature readings, and so forth. Change your thermostat's batteries and see if that does trick. If not, move onto…
  3. Dusting Everything Off. Especially applicable for older, electromagnetic units, dust accumulation can impact your thermostat’s performance. Open it up and give everything a gentle cleaning with a small bristle brush or burst of air.
  4. Check the Surrounding Environment. Your thermostat needs to be away from anything that might affect the temperature reading. Putting it another way, don’t set your desk lamp (or another heat source) right next to it! This fools your thermostat into thinking the inside of the house is warmer than it is because the area nearby IS actually warmer.

Still Having Thermostat Problems?

We can help! Contact us today and we’ll send one of our troubleshooting experts out to you immediately.