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Outrageous Cooling Bill: Could It Be a Leaky Air Duct?

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A leaky air duct is the most common culprit behind many inefficient homes. Holes and cracks in your air ducts can send cooled air inside your walls, rather than into the rooms you want cooled. Every time your air conditioner kicks on, you waste a little more money. Here’s how an HVAC company can detect and repair holes in your air ducts.

Detecting Air Leaks

A device such as the Retrotec dust blaster will close off all vents and force air into the ducts. The system will measure how much air escapes from the sealed vents and pinpoint the locations of the leaks. Once the technician knows where the leaks are, it’s time to close them up and prevent ongoing air loss.

Sealing Air Leaks

There are a few different products on the market that close off air leaks. Most of them involve forcing airborne particles through closed ducts. The particles float straight to the cracks in the ducts and stick together to form an airtight bond. Once the process is complete, most homeowners experience noticeably more comfortable indoor temperatures and a dip in heating and cooling bills.

How to Get Your Columbia, South Carolina Air Ducts Evaluated

A thorough evaluation is the first step toward a more efficient summer. The HVAC pros at Spring Valley offer complimentary duct evaluations for new clients in the Columbia area. You could be days away from a cooler home and lower electric bills! Say goodbye to leaky air ducts by filling out the form online and scheduling your free air duct evaluation.