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The Best Way to Prepare My Outdoor HVAC Unit for the Winter

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Making sure your heating and air conditioning system is ready for winter is important, but far too many homeowners neglect to do it. You need to know you can rely on your home to stay warm all winter long. It also helps to know your air conditioning system will be protected throughout the cold months, so you can use it again once the warmer temps reappear in the spring.

HVAC Maintenance Agreements Get It All Done

One of the best ways to make sure your HVAC system is working properly and that it's ready for the wintertime is to have a maintenance agreement in place. Through one of these agreements, your heating and air conditioning company will come out twice per year and take a careful look at your HVAC systems. They will make any needed repairs or adjustments and tune up everything so your system will run optimally year-round.

The technicians can also help you winterize your outdoor unit, preparing it properly so it can handle the approaching cold weather like a champ. You want to be sure your systems will be protected, and this care is extremely important for systems that are outdoors. The outdoor unit may not be able to weather the elements; having it maintained by a professional can help it last much longer.

Filter Changes Keep Your HVAC Running Strong

When you are focused on keeping your HVAC systems up and running, one of the most important aspects is changing the filter regularly. By changing the filter before winter arrives, you can:

• Make your HVAC system more efficient.
• Prep your cooling system ready for springtime.
• Keep your heating and air conditioning cleaner.
• Perform important maintenance that helps your HVAC last longer.

Fluid Inspections Can Make a Big Difference in Your Heating and Air Conditioning

There is more to getting your outside HVAC unit ready for winter than just changing a filter. You also want to ask your HVAC professional about any fluid changes that are necessary. You don't want lines to freeze and burst, so your technician will need to determine whether the lines should be wrapped, drained, or otherwise protected.

You may be ready for winter, but make sure your HVAC is too! For more information about preparing your heating and air conditioning system for the colder temps, contact our team of experts at Spring Valley Air Conditioning.