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What’s the Difference Between a Gas Furnace and an Electric One?

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When it comes to replacing your furnace, you may be able to choose between a gas furnace and an electric furnace. Both offer benefits to homeowners depending on the home’s current configuration. Natural gas remains the most commonly used fuel source for heat in the United States, but in some cases, electric can be a better bet. Which is right for you?

Which Is Less Expensive: Gas or Electric Furnaces?

In some cases, homeowners focus on the cost of the heating system in determining the best purchase option. Gas furnaces are 20 to 50% higher in price than an electric model. However, these upfront costs are secondary to the actual cost of using the system. Generally speaking, natural gas costs less than electric fuel in many areas. Consider the long-term cost benefits when choosing.

Other Considerations Between Electric and Gas Furnaces

As you take into consideration all of your options, keep the following in mind:

• Choosing the same type of fuel you use now can help you to keep costs lower since new installations are easier.
• It’s most important to consider energy efficiency in any model. This can play a bit role in overall costs.
• Calculate heating costs for your home. Allow your HVAC professional to help you determine what you can expect from both fuel sources for your home.
• Both gas furnaces and electric furnaces are safe options. Electric heating is far less efficient than most gas systems, which does play a role both in your costs as well as in environmental risks. However, homeowners should choose a system that’s right for their needs.

Getting a Quote on Your Furnace

The best way to learn how efficient or effective either a gas furnace or an electric furnace can be for you is to get a quote. Our team of HVAC experts at Spring Valley Air Conditioning can come to your home to provide a custom quote based on either option and help you to choose the right one for your needs. Contact us today!