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Which Is Safer – An Electric Furnace, Or a Gas One?

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Find Out the Truth from a Local Heating and Air Conditioning Pro

In the heating and air conditioning business, we're often asked tough questions regarding the tradeoffs between different types of units. And when it comes to the choice of an electric or a gas furnace, many people ask if there's a significant difference in the safety of one versus the other.

The short answer? Yes, there is. Electric poses less of a potential health risk to your family. But it shouldn’t be your only consideration when making the final choice.

Electric or Gas: Key Issues to Consider

  1. Existing Fuel Supply. If you don’t have access or plumbing to supply natural gas or propane, installing a new gas furnace can be an expensive prospect.
  2. Cost of Installation and Ownership. Generally speaking, electric units are cheaper to purchase and quicker to install. However, your electric bill will be quite high; electric furnaces are often the more expensive to operate month-to-month.
  3. Speed of Heating. Gas furnaces blow electric ones right out of the water. If you need to heat a large space fast, gas furnaces will do the job quicker and more efficiently than their electric counterparts.

So, How Dangerous Are Gas Furnaces?

When properly maintained, gas furnaces are extremely low risk heat sources. The primary health concern is carbon monoxide: an odorless, tasteless, nearly impossible to detect gas which can be lethal in high quantities.

While it is a natural by-product of fuel burn, and present within every gas system, properly installed furnaces vent it to the outside, away from your house. Plus, your HVAC installation technician will talk to you about carbon monoxide alarms: easy to install devices very similar to smoke detectors.

This virtually eliminates the risk associated with gas furnaces and makes installing one in your home a viable option…depending on the other considerations listed above.

Still Need Help Choosing a Furnace?

Contact the heating and air conditioning pros here at Spring Valley Air Conditioning, and we’ll help you choose the best furnace for your needs and budget.