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Why Is My HVAC Clicking Every Time It Turns On?

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HVAC service technician inspecting a residential system

Troubleshooting those annoying heating and cooling problems might be simpler than you think.

Every homeowner knows the feeling of frustration that comes from discovering a new, weird problem with a major appliance, but not everyone knows the joys of a successful troubleshooting session. The first instinct for many busy homeowners is to call in the cavalry, but with a little bit of research and advice from the troubleshooting experts at Spring Valley, you might be able to skip the inconvenience and head straight for a practical solution that works for your budget and your schedule.

To get started with troubleshooting, here are three of the most likely causes when it comes to strange noises in your heating and cooling system:

  1. Something Might Be Stuck in the Fan.
  2. Because there are so many different components inside the heating and cooling unit, you have to use common sense to eliminate a few obvious culprits. Because the fan rotates, it's movements could be causing that incremental clicking noise - especially if you notice changes in the frequency as your unit warms up and cools off because the blades spin faster and slower in those moments.

  3. Spot an Electrical Issue.
  4. Air conditioner and heating units are run on a control board switch, which relies on readings from the thermostat to engage properly. If you hear a click but the system fails to turn on, this could be an electrical short.

  5. Tubing Or Bolts Loose from Operational Movement.
  6. You may have noticed HVAC units do a fair bit of vibrating when they work. This has a tendency to shake components loose within the system, and the noise you hear could be those parts rattling around. The good news is that this isn’t an expensive or complicated problem to fix!

Contact us for more information about troubleshooting common HVAC problems with help from our team of experts at Spring Valley Air Conditioning.