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Will Shading an HVAC Unit Reduce Its Operating Costs?

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The search for reduced operating costs is ongoing for many commercial owners and builders, but Spring Valley pros know the truth about what works and what doesn’t.

Putting an HVAC unit in the shade is like an urban legend amongst commercial builders - will it or won't it improve overall efficiency and decrease the cycles between on and off? The underlying logic makes sense; heat from the sun can be intense, especially in South Carolina, so you might think protecting your air conditioning system from the sun would improve its cooling capabilities. Some people say yes, others say no, but here is the ultimate truth about how this decision would impact your bills.

How Condensing Units Work

To break down this question, we need to understand a little more about how air conditioning works. A condensing unit is an outdoor box that transforms hot air into cold air, stripping away the heat and pushing it through the rest of the unit to be sent throughout your home or office. The remaining heat is then expelled from the condenser unit. So if shade protects your air conditioning from the sun, does it have to work less to cool your home?

To Shade or Not to Shade?

The effectiveness of shading has been proven to have minimal impact on air conditioning operating costs, and here's why: the temperature of the air surrounding your condenser unit has a bigger impact on cooling efficiency than direct solar gain from sunlight. In other words, shading the unit might reduce heat transfer to the unit itself, but air temp has more to do with the amount of energy required to provide cool indoor conditions.

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