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Free Duct Evaluations

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with a Free Duct Evaluation

Duct Evaluation

Your home's heating and cooling system is essential to your family's comfort. But not all families pay close attention to how well their HVAC system works. It's entirely possible that your system is not as efficient as it could be, and you know what that means. You might be paying far too much for heating and cooling costs.

The Biggest Cause of Inefficiency

When it comes to HVAC systems, the biggest cause of inefficiency tends to be ductwork problems. The first problem is that your ducts could be clogged with dust and debris. The second problem is that your ducts could have leaks. Leaky ducts allow hot or cold air to escape within your walls, rather than into the rooms of your home where you need it. That means you waste money every time your system turns on.

Ducts can leak for many different reasons. Some types of older ductwork may have deteriorated with age. Some may be compromised during remodeling projects. It's even possible that small animals, such as mice or squirrels, could damage your ductwork. Whatever caused damage to your ductwork, we can help fix it.

Free Evaluations by Certified Experts

Our certified duct inspection experts here at Spring Valley will be able to spot trouble right away. What they do have is a test they can perform, which is called a Retrotec duct blaster test. They will use that special tool to figure out exactly how much air your ductwork is losing. As soon as our experts have pinpointed the problem they will outline their suggestions for fixing it. The entire evaluation process is free.

Don't settle for uneven heating and cooling in your home – or the outrageous utility bills that come with leaky ducts. If your ductwork isn't as efficient as it should be, you need help. Contact us to schedule your free duct evaluation.

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