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What's Included in an HVAC Maintenance Agreement?

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A maintenance agreement is designed to protect your investment in heating and cooling excellence.

No HVAC installation is complete without a maintenance agreement, in the same way banana splits aren't complete without whipped cream and a cherry on top. Think about this - you wouldn't buy a car then drive around without getting the oil changed, or the tires rotated. So why would you invest in an excellent heating and cooling system then neglect to provide the proper maintenance precautions?

Here are the top three reasons to take maintenance agreements seriously:

Average Efficiency Isn’t Good Enough.

Over time, even the best systems will start to experience some degree of natural wear and tear. Allowed to progress naturally, this damage can impact the energy efficiency of your system. But it doesn't have to! By making sure regular preventative maintenance gets performed by qualified experts, you can keep a cost efficient system running in top condition for years. So why wouldn't you?

Seasonal Maintenance Is Proven to Work.

Maintenance agreements include two annual checkups for your system—one before the summer and one before the winter. These peak seasons of extreme weather are typically when heating and cooling systems go on the fritz, but by investing in regular maintenance checks, you can avoid emergency repairs during the most inconvenient times of the year.

Maintenance Is A Safety Concern.

Your family and business rely heavily on the heating and cooling services of your HVAC system. Maintenance checks include a standard filter change as well as coil cleaning, electrical connection tests, and several other procedures that can spot potentially hazardous developments. This means you can trust the professionals to check for safety breaches or other potential risks, so you can sleep soundly at night.

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