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Why Having the HVAC System Inspected in My New Home Is Important?

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Are you thinking about HVAC inspection for your new home? If you have purchased a brand new home, you may feel yourself being lulled into a false sense of security. Yes, it’s nice to live in a new house that hasn’t been tarnished by previous occupants. But the house was built by people, and people make mistakes. That’s why you should make an appointment to have your new HVAC system inspected right away.

Common HVAC Problems in New Homes

An extremely common issue in new homes is filthy air ducts. Think about it: your ducts are probably full of sawdust, outdoor dust, perhaps even bits of fiberglass insulation. One of the first things you should get checked and addressed in a new home is the state of your air ducts.

Faulty wiring and installation are two more common problems in new builds. A pinched air duct can make one room several degrees warmer than the rest of the house. An incorrectly installed thermostat will fail to keep your house properly cooled, at best. At worst, it can cause a short in the wiring.

How to Get Your New HVAC System Checked

Ask your HVAC company to conduct a complete inspection of your heating and cooling system. Most HVAC technicians these days can test the integrity of your air ducts, inspect your furnace and air conditioner, and verify the functionality of your thermostats in one visit. An inspection is the best way to make sure your new home is ready for the intense summer heat coming our way.

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