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Why Should an HVAC Expert Review New Home Plans?

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New Home Construction and HVAC System Installation

What Many Commercial Builders Won’t Tell You About the Building Process

Many commercial builders tout home plans as “complete”, including HVAC specifications and indoor air quality assessments. The problem is many of them aren’t qualified to provide accurate inputs. And you’re the one who will end up paying the price when they get it wrong.

What They Won’t Tell You: The Importance of Properly Sizing an HVAC System

Time and again we receive calls from folks who have purchased a brand new home, yet they’re experiencing problems with the interior climate from day one. Whether it’s cold spots, uneven heating, or a home that never quite reaches the right temperature, these annoyances all have one thing in common: improperly sized HVAC systems.

The reason? Simple. The general contractor and home planner weren't HVAC experts. They ran a few calculations, made some guesses, and then rounded the numbers. And if the house were sold as a package deal in part of a larger development, they could be substituting older, or undersized equipment as a way to save on the overall cost of the project. Worse? Those savings won’t get passed on to you.

What Can You Do?

The easiest next step is to consult a local HVAC expert and have them review all of the specifications. They’ll be able to point out potential problems in advance of the walls going up, meaning your home gets built right the first time. Plus, bringing them in earlier prevents the major renovation costs associated with re-doing a home ventilation system after the home is built.

Need Your Home Plans Reviewed?

Contact the pros here at Spring Valley Air Conditioning, and we can work with your commercial builder to ensure the job gets done right.